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Prof Wynand Claasen, former Springbok rugby captain and President of Tuks Sport

Ray has helped us with many functions at Tuks Sport, acting as an ideal MC, quizmaster or facilitator. He is always professional and well-prepared, engaging with the audience and guest speaker(s) in an appropriate fashion.

Dr Doug Mattheus, former Marketing Director at Nashua Mobile and Ster Kinekor

Ray worked on and off with Nashua Mobile for 15 years and his infectious energy was felt at all levels of the organization as he treated everyone the same. He consulted to the corporate sales team, aided in certain unique marketing initiatives and provided valuable input into training, mentorship and staff development.

Johan Winterbach, Marketing Director and co-owner of Blueberry Advertising

I have worked with Ray on numerous advertising and marketing campaigns and have always found his understanding and insights to be most valuable. Our ongoing relationship extends to Ray offering our services (as a full-service advertising agency) as a supplementary offer to his clients.

Michael Meyer, Managing Director and founder of Stillwater Sports and Entertainment and former professional athlete

Ray has taken his grit and determination that he displayed on the track into his business ventures. When working with him, you are engulfed by his enthusiasm and big-picture thinking and ideas.

Chuck Sorenson, United States (Arizona) businessman

I have known Ray for over 30 years, from his days as a young University athlete, to making the US athletics team, to now as a businessman and his positive outlook, hunger and will to succeed has remained constant.

Wayne Smith, United States (Arizona) businessman

Through all the time that I have known Ray (30-plus years), he has stayed loyal to his friends, steadfast in his beliefs and geared at achieving his goals. He has managed to transfer seamlessly from the track to the business world, and is constantly improving his craft.

Alberto Salazar, former American marathon champion, 1994 Comrades winner and current senior Nike talent scout

I have known Ray both as a colleague at Nike, USA in the 1980s, and as a professional athlete, and being able to identify with both his track and business talents. Ray also kindly brought me out to South Africa in 1994 (when he headed Nike SA's Marketing) to win the Comrades marathon on my ultra-marathon debut. I am now aiding Ray in getting his daughters an athletic scholarship at the University of Oregon, USA.

Bill Christie, Owner and Managing Director of WR Christie and Avalon Media

Ray is currently consulting to us and his broad business knowledge, contacts and experience is proving to be extremely valuable. Not only does he have the business theory, he really enjoys getting out into the field and translating that into sales and revenue.

Greg Lewthwaite, Running Executive, Nike (SA)

I have known Ray for many years and can vouch for his positive outlook and ability to challenge conventional wisdom. He is constantly looking at new ways to do things and improve business outcomes.

Nitesh Doolabh, Marketing Manager at HP, South Africa

Ray's training of the HP sales and marketing team was to-the-point, interactive, practical, and of high value. I would certainly recommend Ray to anyone looking at any sales, marketing, or relationship-type training.

Dr Eugene Pelser, former Northern Transvaal rugby player, Springbok swimmer & leading South African orthopedic surgeon

I performed a double knee replacement operation on Ray in January 2011 and found him to be a highly inquisitive, positive and motivated individual. When presented with the option, Ray chose the double knee replacement operation (more painful in the short-term) as opposed to two separate operations; a testament to his character of fighting through the pain to achieve his goals.

Arun Green, Owner and founder of Mutual Safes, South Africa

Ray consulted to Mutual Safes, my senior management team and I found him to be a great asset to our business. Ray encouraged us to think broader than our traditional business model and expand our horizons successfully.

Anton Nicholiasen, Regional Manager of Standard Bank (Pretoria) and former triple Springbok athlete (road, track and cross country)

Ray is currently conducting front-line training for the bank in a very easy-to-understand and effective format. The ability to offer high service levels is critical to our business and Ray is helping us achieve this through sales and service training.

Evert van Niekerk, United States (Los Angeles) businessmen

I have known Ray for many years and can vouch for his positive outlook and ability to challenge conventional wisdom. He is constantly looking at new ways to do things and improve business outcomes.

Chis Klagsbrun, lawyer.

I am Ray's lawyer and have always found him to be a pleasure to deal with. He has drive, clarity of purpose and high integrity all attributes of a good businessman.

Greg Blank, businessman.

Ray's understanding and willingness to do good business is a valuable attribute. I have always enjoyed discussing various aspects of business with him and know that he can make a real difference as a trainer/consultant.

Hans Koeleman, Marketing Executive (Nike, Netherlands) and business consultant

I have known Ray from when he was the Marketing Director at Nike (South Africa), and have always found our interactions to be professional and productive. I have recently started my own business consultancy in Amsterdam and am looking to do some joint consultancy programmes with Ray, sharing our collective knowledge to the benefit of our respective clients.

Professor Hein Prinsloo, Business professor at Tshwane University of Technology

Periodically, we get guest speakers to address the students with practical business lessons and Ray's lecture was extremely well received. His manner of presenting (in clear language with great practical examples) was a hit with the students and we have every intention of inviting him back.

Dimitri Grishine, Russian businessman and former two-time winner of the Comrades marathon

I have known Ray from when he was the Marketing Executive at Byk Madaus, one of my main sponsors. I will always be grateful for what he did for me and my family whilst I was running. I am currently exploring a few potential business ventures with him now.