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Ray Wicksell Consultancy is a Marketing and Training Consultancy that specialises in designing custom-made solutions to business problems. These include Marketing Consulting (understanding and solving marketing challenges from inception to completion), "Selling the Sizzle - The American Way" (training with sales and service teams), and Relationship Building (teaching staff how to build and maintain relationships in business).

My motto is that business is all about people and relationships, from which I can relate lessons that I have learnt about the importance of good marketing, sales, sponsorship, and building and maintaining relationships. My experience has been gained through Nike (International and SA), Honda, Saucony, Reparil-Gel, Virgin Active, SuperSport, Nashua Mobile, Montblanc, Pam Golding and Avalon Media.

My business solutions include:

  1. Marketing consulting at both a strategic and tactical level. I help devise and implement your marketing strategy and activation plans across various marketing channels and media platforms.
  2. Sales assistance. I do a series of sales presentations and training for salespeople and retail outlet staff, as well as spend time in the field to identify and remedy any deficiencies in the sales cycle. Coupled to this is the important element of providing outstanding customer service.
  3. Field marketing and retail evaluation. Channel branding, effective merchandising (acting as a silent salesperson), increasing product knowledge, retail evaluation (mystery shopping), and managing sales incentives are further critical areas for success.
  4. Training and presentations. I am comfortable presenting a range of topics that are geared towards motivating your workforce and increasing sales, service and market share.